OK, kids, it’s time to put this question to bed. “What does ‘Mousemeat?mean??The story begins many years ago, back in the daze when the V-8 crowd thought they were invincible. (Lets call that time 1985, just for kicks). There used to be a racetrack called Seattle International Raceway, rolex replica now known by most of you as Pacific Raceways, due to the ownership change and renovation of the track surface?. but I digress?. One fine day back in said year, Earl Oster (owner of Mousemeat) and his buddy Harry were enjoying a day of spectating some racing, when lo and behold, a matching between a VW bug and a “Rat?powered Corvette occurred. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “rat?when referring to an automobile, let me give you a few definitions, due to the fat there are several possible ways to explain it; First, there are those who believe that a rat motor is just a “big block?Chevrolet engine, this holds fairly true but doesn’t quite cover it. Just because it is bigger it is referred to as a rat, not quite. That would mean all big block motors would be rats, so that’s not an accurate description. The term comes from the arrangement of the valve train. In a small block Chevy, the valves are arranged in a straight line, in a big block Chevy, they are rolex replica in a “reticulated, or staggered fashion (since the letters r, a and t are in ReticulATed, it was nicknamed “RAT?. Anyway, this bug and the “rat ‘vette?were racing and the bug won?.decidedly. Harry, being one of those cerebral sorts, made a comment to the effect that the bug had just made “mousemeat?out of the ‘vette, and Earl found this comment to be so funny and such a clever play on words (considering Harry’s mental state most days), that he rolex replica sale decided that if he ever started his own VW shop, he’d name it “Mousemeat? And the rest is history.

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